PAINT Touch-Ups and COSMETIC Tidy-Ups

As well as huge Restorations, 1 STOP AUTOMOTIVE also love the little things in life.
Interior and Exterior Colour Coding, Small Resprays and Repairs, Dent and Scratch Removal, Pinstriping, Rolling Guards, Air Brushing, White Wall Tyres, Stickers, Graphics and Badges.
Anything at all, 1 Stop Automotive do it all!

Interior & Exterior Colour Coding

Colour Coded Toyota Hilux Front Grille and Bumper Bar

colour coded toyota hilux bumper and grille

Holden Statesman getting Half a Respray as a Freshen Up

statesman respray blue

Any Vehicle Repairs - Fibreglass Repairs - Bumps Scrapes or Dents

1 Stop Automotive can take care of all you Car Park Warriors and Victims of Bad Driving too!
Scrapes, Scuffs, Scratches, Bumps, Bangs and Cracks, or even just Damaged Paint!
We've got you covered.

Guard Rolling - Roll Your Guards

1 STOP AUTOMOTIVE can Roll Your Guards with our Professional Guard Rolling Machine.
Bigger Wheels? Lowered Car? Be Safe and get your Guards Rolled Right at 1 STOP.

Guard Rolling


Resprays and 2 Tone Paint

2 Tone Resprays. Half the Respray, Half the Cost! That's right, a fantastic way to enhance the look and presence of your pride and joy is to create a 2 Tone Effect. Without going down the path of a huge full respray, just paint the top half, or the bottom half! Whatever you decide our profesional team are always here to help.


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