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Driving with a car hire - FAQs

Driving with a car hire

Learn everything there is to know about hiring a car. so you can be properly prepared for your next trip.

To rent a car for a weekend in Melbourne in August, the average price was ₹ 6,367 with cheaper deals starting around ₹ 2,878. For a one-week car rental in Melbourne, prices in August average ₹ 7,766, with the best deals starting at ₹ 3,788.

When hiring a car, you can expect to find that a majority of the rental car agencies in Melbourne do not have a cancellation fee. Keep in mind that momondo does not set these cancellation policies, but we can help you find great deals on car hire in Melbourne. Be sure to look for the Cancellation Policy when you conduct your search.

Renting a Standard in Melbourne during the month of August is what most travellers prefer. With temperatures averaging 11 °C and precipitation around 40 mm during August, a Standard is more than capable of handling these weather conditions. This is the perfect rental car type for wet roads and above-freezing temperatures. Hiring a Standard in Melbourne will cost you ₹ 14,474/day on average.

Melbourne’s speed limit is 50 km/h when you are driving in the city. This speed limit might also apply to surrounding towns and neighbourhoods. The suburban speed limit in Melbourne is 110 km/h and the speed limit for motorways is 110 km/h. However, be sure to look for posted signage as these speeds may vary.

Bargain Car Rentals is the most popular car hire company offering Mitsubishi Outlander hires in Melbourne. The cost to hire the Mitsubishi Outlander from Bargain Car Rentals is ₹ 6,050/day on average.Bargain Car Rentals should have other SUV car hire options in Melbourne, such as the Nissan X-Trail, if you're unable to book this exact vehicle.

During the month of July the average temperature in Melbourne is 8 °C and the expected precipitation is 30 mm. This information is useful for travellers looking for a car hire in Melbourne.

The climate in Victoria during July is usually 8 °C with an expected 30 mm of precipitation throughout the month. Those looking to hire a car and leave from Melbourne on a road trip to the surrounding area should take note of this information.

Prices for cars in Melbourne are refreshed on a daily basis.

As of July 2023, there are 131 operators available to choose from for cars in Melbourne.

The minimum age for drivers varies by country, including Melbourne. In numerous EU countries, drivers must be 18 years old. To rent a car overseas, you'll generally need to be at least 21, and if you're under 25, a young driver surcharge may be applied. We advise that you read the policy of your chosen rental company before making a reservation.

To rent a car in Melbourne, all drivers must present a valid full driving license. If the license is written in a language other than the language of the country of rental, an International Driving Permit may be required to avoid the risk of potential fines. If you're renting a car abroad, you may also need to provide evidence of your return travel and accommodation information during your stay. We always recommend that you verify with the specific rental company you're booking with.